After the discovery of the trunk and my chance meeting with Mr. Maines, I knew I had to "get out of the trunk," so to speak. Not much of what I found in the documents with the reels had led me any closer to the whereabouts of Coal and Flynt Stryker...except the old Highwaymen tour book (dated 1991). It was a long shot, but I decided I would start with the individual members of that super-group and reached out to any and everyone who had been connected somehow to those iconic artists. Shooter Jennings was the first to respond to my inquiry and suggested we meet to discuss what had been passed on to him regarding Coal and Flynt Stryker. I knew I wanted to document our journey so contacted a friend of my sister's in Texas who worked for an advertising firm in Dallas. She put me in contact with a sweet and very enthusiastic young man, Mr. Cameron Gott, who helped me document our interviews and who's hard work is seen in the videos appearing on this site. 

I had already invested months combing through court documents, records of births and deaths, tracking the tiny breadcrumbs of clues that were included in the trunk with the reels - all leading to dead ends. It was only when we began talking to musicians, artists, songwriters...people who have been involved in the industry for years...that we began to really learn about who Coal and Flynt Stryker were. There were a few common threads woven throughout the collection of stories we heard; pyrotechnics, substance abuse and an apparently infamous public brawl. But no one new the specifics of any of the rumors. No one has been able to corroborate the stories to pave a clear path to the Stryker Brothers. The interviews we captured have been both educational and entertaining in our search.

As we grow closer to the public release of the recordings we found, I am more focused on sharing the music than finding the brothers. Despite the rumors and recollections of the brothers as those of ill repute, the artisanship and talent at crafting songs that tell stories of love and loss - not to mention the story of a man so passionate about music that he carried it with him to the moon - is what should be celebrated of these two. I suppose that this journey has led us full circle, back to the music and the craft of telling stories through songs. 

There may be variations in the rumors, inconsistencies in the circumstances and falsehoods amidst the folklore but the album, Burn Band, will rise from the ashes as the TRUE treasure discovered in the #SearchForTheStrykers.