I met Lloyd Maines at a charity event in Austin, TX a few months after the discovery of the trunk. I had gone back to Texas to meet with lawyers about my father’s land and made a stop to spend time with some family in the state’s capital city. My cousins were avid music fans and had purchased one extra ticket to the gala, hoping to introduce me to some of the culture and music they loved. Always up for an adventure, I jumped at the opportunity to take in some Austin-ness and learn more about my kin along the way. I never dreamed of what that gala ticket would provide me access to.

After discovering the trunk and it’s contents earlier in the year, I was engrossed in the search for the Stryker Brothers. I started with the names and contact information listed on the documents we found, knowing that, realistically, too much time had passed. Phone numbers were disconnected, company names had changed, people had moved on. I was no expert at computers, so my name searches were amateurish at best. When it was time to travel back home overseas, I carried with me only what fit in my suitcase to continue the pursuit. But as it sometimes does, life happened and the days spent researching the brothers became further and further apart. I had resolved that I might never be able to piece together the puzzle of the Stryker Brothers.  Not until I was immersed in the music coming from the stage on that beautiful Texas night in Austin and listening to the various singers reference the names we found amidst the rubble  - Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Guy Clark – did it dawn on me that I was among the people who just might have the answers I had been looking for.

Lloyd Maines had been on stage for the entire evening, playing with every singer that took the stage. He was fascinating to watch, switching seamlessly from grand swing-dancing style music to slow romantic melodies with each different performer. As the entertainment went on through the night, I busily searched my smartphone for photographs of the trunk and the memorabilia to display as proof that I was not some crazed woman from “over the pond.” When the music ended, I caught up with him just as he was exiting the stage. He was gracious and patiently listened as I rambled on about the property and the building and the trunk. When I finally got around to mentioning “Stryker Brothers,” his demeanor changed. He could not believe what I had said, asking me to repeat myself again before I continued.

Long story short, Lloyd Maines had indeed heard of the Stryker Brothers. He had some stories for sure…but most importantly, he said he could help me find out what was on the tapes we had found. This would be the turning point for resurrecting the Stryker Brothers’ music. This would be the spark I needed to rekindle my research about the brothers. This was the ignitor for the search for the Strykers. 

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