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From their inception in 1988, The Stryker Bros. have directed the majority of their professional attention to their live shows. They performed with a fervor that fans could only describe as “you have to see it to believe it.” Even Rolling Stone touted “We saw it and we still can’t believe it.”

While they could have very easily been lost in the era’s surge of Outlaw Country music, Coal and Flynt Stryker almost effortlessly set themselves apart with their on- and off-stage antics, declaring themselves “Lawdog Country Music.” They deservingly earned a reputation as a ruffians with a flair for ”funking it up, then burning it down” (their fan club’s official slogan).  

They were the first (and only) guests of the Grand Ole Opry to purposefully light their gear on fire, earning them a ban for life from The Opry (and other unnamed venues). While the industry began to shy away from the rowdy brothers and label offers were yanked from the table, the fan support spread like wildfire. For the better part of the next 20 years, Stryker Bros. sold out every venue they played. They were sponsored by George Dickel Whiskey, BiC Worldwide and Pyro Purveyors, an outdoor and tactical pyrotechnics company. They toured relentlessly all the while independently releasing 36 albums over their 30-year career, only taking a brief 8-year hiatus while Flynt served time for aggravated arson.

There’s no shame in the Stryker Bros. game. “We have done some pretty stupid shit,” says Coal. “But it was always for a good reason. What we didn’t do was ever give up on making Lawdog County Music.” Putting their money where their mouths are, The Stryker Bros. are going back to the studio one more one last time to record all new never before heard tunes. “The Incinerators (the Stryker Bros. official fan club) deserve our music,” adds Flynt. “They’ve supported us all this time – buying our albums, coming to the shows, paying our bail. The least we can do is give them more of what they live for.” Coal adds, “We can’t really tell you what to expect, just expect us to funk it up then burn it down.”



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